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Immigration Lawyer Temecula - When You Should Start The Immigration Process

Immigration Lawyer Temecula

When You Should Start The Immigration Process An Immigration Attorney in Temecula, explains that with the current climate of new immigration laws in some states and immigration enforcement making headline news, the best time
is now to start your immigration case. It can be a lot more difficult and costly to go through the process once you have been detained or deported. 

Temecula, CA Immigration Attorney

John Mansfield, explains: I'm frequently asked, "When Should I Do My immigration PaperworkÉshould I wait until I'm in deportation proceedings, or can I or should I do it now?" The clear answer here is do it now! Do it as soon as possible. 

If you are currently eligible for benefits, or you think that you might be eligible to apply for some sort of relief or a green card paperwork, or any other legal type of status in the US - the time to check it out is now! 

Certainly under the current the Obama Administration there are a lot of discussions about not just immigration reform, but enforcement as well. I think the administration knows that they need to appear solid on the enforcement aspects of immigration as well as the granting of new relief. 

Until any immigration reform happens, I think you have to assume that the ICE agents and the border patrol will continue to arrest and deport illegal aliens. States like Arizona are also implementing new "immigration" laws, where state and local police officers are now getting involved in enforcing immigration laws. 

Regardless of whether that states new law is constitutional is up to the Supreme Court to decide. In the meantime, what's important for you to know is that you could get swept up in the whole enforcement process and in similar raids and arrests. 

You don't want to find yourself behind the 8-ball, where you've been arrested and then have to apply for your paperwork. Yes,it can be done and I and other experienced immigration attorneys can help you with that. But why put yourself through that? Get the immigration process started now. 

If you have any questions or any doubts whether or not you or a family friend or family member is eligible for any type of relief under the US immigration laws, that time to consult an experienced, specialist in immigration law is now!

Those who have waited too long can attest to that! Hopefully this is been helpfulFeature Articles, and remember: know you rights before you undertake something as important as immigration law. 

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Immigration Lawyer Temecula - When You Should Start The Immigration Process
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